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Financing Options with SERVPRO of Pascagoula

9/19/2018 (Permalink)

It has been said that "money cannot buy happiness", but having a safe home to enjoy certainly can promote happiness. So when your safe, happy home suffers water, fire, or another type of damage, what can you do to bring your home back to its former glory? Call SERVPRO of Pascagoula as soon as it happens and we'll make it "Like it never even happened."

But we know the necessary repairs can be expensive. Certainly, we don't want to add financial difficulty to an already difficult time such as cleaning up after damage to your home. That's why SERVPRO of Pascagoula recently partnered with GreenSky in order to help with the cost of these repairs. GreenSky offers different payment options to our customers. The approval process is simple! Our customers can apply by phone, online, or using the GreenSky app! It takes only a few minutes to apply! Whether you're applying to cover the cost of your insurance deductible or the entire cost of your repairs, GreenSky can help with the cost and SERVPRO of Pascagoula can get your house back in top shape!

Contact Phone Numbers

8/23/2018 (Permalink)

The following numbers are the only numbers SERVPRO of Biloxi/Gulfport/Ocean Springs/Pascagoula will be using from now on:

(228)396-3965-Main Phone Number
(228)872-0605 Ocean Springs
(601)947-9791 Pascagoula/Moss Point
(228)868-2232 Gulfport
(228)475-3473 Biloxi
(228)396-0416 Fax Number

All of our other numbers have been disconnected. Please feel free to contact us at any of the numbers listed above. SERVPRO is available to meet your needs day or night. Call us at any time! We would be delighted to assist you to make your water damage or fire damage experience, "Like it never even happened". 

As always, thank you for choosing SERVPRO. We are always here to help. How may we help you?

Emergency Ready Profile (ERP)

8/23/2018 (Permalink)

Emergency Planning

Even with insurance coverage, disasters can shake the foundations of even the best-managed companies. Make a business assessment for the survival of your company. Regardless of the cause of the catastrophe, a company’s very survival often depends on being prepared to responding quickly and efficiently, so a carefully constructed disaster recovery plan is one asset that every business needs. Before any calamity strikes, you should know what tasks will need to be performed to get your company running again and who will be responsible for accomplishing them. While there is no one-size-fits-all recovery plan, every business’ strategy should include some basics. Laying the groundwork by preparing to handle insurance claims, scouting viable options for temporary operations and considering the implications of various financial alternatives before trouble strikes can make the process of recovery much easier. The impacts from hazards can be reduced by investing in mitigation. If there is a potential for significant impacts, then creating a mitigation strategy should be a high priority.

Insurance Considerations

Depending upon the details of the policy that you have selected for your business, commercial property insurance may cover damage or loss of the insured property, time element losses, loss mitigation costs, and loss adjustment expenses. It may also cover costs for public relations, research and development, and other necessities. When a disaster occurs, it is crucial to take the steps that will preserve and maximize your insurance coverage. To ensure that you receive all the benefits that your business is entitled to, familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of your policy before any problems arise. Work with your insurance company to create a checklist of your responsibilities after a loss to aid you in meeting deadlines and assembling documentation. Knowing what you are responsible for and being organized will make the recovery smoother and faster.

Making Your Claim

If your business is hit by disaster, set your recovery plan into motion by providing prompt notification of any claim to your insurance company. Be ready to meet any deadlines for filing proof of loss statements. If circumstances make the deadline for these statements unreasonable, get written approval for extensions. Be prepared to meet any requirements for preserving the evidence of your claim if destructive testing or immediate remediation is necessary. You will also want to record your loss mitigation efforts and the reasons that these efforts were needed.

Regardless of the cause of the catastrophe, a company's very survival often depends on responding quickly and efficiently, so a carefully constructed disaster recovery plan is one asset that every business needs.

Regardless of the cause of the catastrophe, a company’s very survival often depends on responding quickly and efficiently, so a carefully constructed disaster recovery plan is one asset that every business needs. SERVPRO has a FREE customizable app that can aid your company recover in a timely manner. 

Timing Matters

Timing is critical in insurance claims. While keeping your insurance company informed is important, you need to understand any time limitations in your policy and their potential consequences. Review your policy to see if there is a deadline for electing a valuation method. See if there is a time limit for rebuilding or replacement. You will also want to check your policy for a suit limitation clause. Most policies contain one, so you will want to be sure that it is conservatively calendared to give you time to maneuver if necessary.

Payment Possibilities

It is not surprising that cash flow is a primary concern for a business working to recover after a catastrophe. While it can take time for a claim to be settled, some insurance policies contain provisions for claim advances or partial payments. Search through your policy to see if these provisions are included and identify how you would invoke them.

Re-establishing Operations

A business impact analysis ( of your business before a disaster will plan and effectively get your business running smoothly again. Before anything bad happens, think about how your business could operate during the recovery phase. This may involve moving to a temporary location or finding storage for undamaged inventory or equipment, so it’s smart to be aware of the possibilities in your area. Make a note to analyze leasing and service contracts if you are forced to relocate so that you can try to tailor them to your business’s specific needs.

Property Considerations

Regardless of where you set up shop after a catastrophe, you will have to decide what to do with your original location. Is rehabilitating or rebuilding the site worthwhile? If you believe that it is, then you will need to arrange for professional remediation, design and construction services. If you decide against rebuilding, then you must figure out how to dispose of that property and acquire a new permanent location. Remember that a new location will still require design and construction services in order to modify it to suit your company’s needs. Don’t forget to review zoning issues for any new property to verify that your business will be able to build appropriate facilities and operate as desired at that location.

Financing Issues

Even with insurance, a recovery may require financing. Depending on your recovery plans, options might include a line of credit, an acquisition loan or a construction loan. In some situations, it may be possible to use legal actions to seek reimbursement from the party responsible for your loss. Weigh all the possibilities carefully and remember to consider the potential tax consequences. Understanding the pros and cons of your options before any problems start will make it easier to make smart decisions when a disaster hits.

When your business needs assistance dealing with the aftermath of a catastrophe, count on SERVPRO of Biloxi; our professionals are prepared to respond, so when a significant event occurs, we be there for you. Whether it is damage from flooding, a fire, a tornado, a hurricane, an ice event or a snowstorm, we have the resources and expertise to help on the Coast.

SERVPRO of Pascagoula services Biloxi, Ocean Springs, Gulfport, Pascagoula, and some surrounding areas. It’s best to call us directly 228-475-3473 Emergency Services available 24 hrs. a day. 

Gulfport Firestation Opens Their Remodeled Station

11/17/2017 (Permalink)

In March of 2016, Gulfport’s Fire Station # 8 located on Old Hwy 49 reopened on March 8th.   Most of the work was done by the Fire Fighters themselves, from drywall to plumbing. In efforts to show the communities' appreciation with the re-opening, several community businesses helped to put together a dedication luncheon.  SERVPRO of Pascagoula was on hand and supplied pizza for the many visitors.  SERVPROs nationwide work closely alongside their local Fire Departments in their communities whenever possible.  We here at SERVPRO of Pascagoula feel that fire fighters, as well as, our police are the unrated heroes of the community. The services they provide throughout the year that help us stay safe cannot be measured. We here at SERVPRO of Pascagoula just want to say “Thank You” for your time and commitment. We look forward to working with you over the coming years.

2016 CNC Flood Conference

2/8/2016 (Permalink)

“Understanding Drying Log for Water Restoration”

We would like to congratulate Chris Osborne of SERVPRO of Biloxi for being selected as a guest speaker for the 2016 CNC Flood Conference.  He will be speaking to insurance professionals on the basic aspects of a water restoration and how to read a drying report.  The conference will be held in downtown Mobile, AL on February 11th and 12th. Chris is one of two production managers; he has been with SERVPRO of Biloxi since April 2015. He has been in the SERVPRO industry for a total of 3 years; he has extensive knowledge in mold remediation. He is IICRC, lead, biohazard, mold, and fire & smoke certified. We know Chris is going to do great job in representing not only SERVPRO of Biloxi but also SERVPRO Industries with great pride.  Thank You Chris Osborne for all your hard work and dedication.