What our Customers say...

Mold Remediation Testimonials

My recommendation is that SERVPRO stay exactly as they are because they are great! Thank you for your prompt, efficient service, SERVPRO!

Thank you, SERVPRO!! You gave me much needed peace of mind!!

SERVPRO came and collected some air samples at my house because of some mold I thought I might have. When the results came in, they were so patient with all of my questions about the results and answered each one. 

We called SERVPRO to come look at some mold in an RV we had. They were quick about getting out to look at the mold. We ended up getting rid of the RV, but we were very pleased with SERVPRO's quick response and expertise on the issue.

I was concerned about some mold in my house. I asked SERVPRO for help. They came in and did a test that told me my mold levels were ok and the stains I saw were nothing to be alarmed about.

We had some mold growing in our house and it was causing us breathing issues. SERVPRO sectioned off the area while they worked and we were doing so much better after getting their help.

"House smells Great! Extremely satisfied with the job!"

"Keep up the good Service!!!"

All of the SERVPRO crew's were great! Thank you for all you have done!

Very helpful and informative with information regarding the process. Very fast response with our unique situation.

I had lots of questions regarding a mold issues under my sink. The Production Manager addressed all of my questions and concerns! Very pleased with not having to worry if the job was done! Will be using them again.